Judy Greer to Star in ‘Public Schooled’

Judy Greer

Judy Greer is set to star in Public Schooled. The 41-year-old actress has signed up to star in the indie coming-of-age comedy movie, a role she took on because she was “moved” by the character.

She said in a statement: “Being a self-diagnosed control freak, I was moved by the character’s struggle to let go of the reins. I love the idea that no matter how much we try to shelter our kids; at some point they need to be free to discover themselves by themselves.”

Public Schooled will see Greer star as the mother of a socially awkward teenage boy who has been home-schooled his entire life. When the boy meets – and falls in love with – the local school’s popular girl, he abandons his mother’s suffocating love and enrolls himself in the education establishment. It’s there that the boy enters the world of sex, drugs, and social studies.

No other cast has been announced as of yet, though there is currently a North American search for an actor to play Greer’s son. The movie is being created by Canadian-based duo Kyle Rideout and Josh Epstein, who both had a hand in co-writing the script. Rideout is taking up directorial duties, and Epstein is working as the producer. The Canadian Film Centre is executive producing and financing the project, with Telefilm Canada also offering financial aid. Justine Whyte is on board as an executive producer, while Adam Folk will co-produce alongside Josh.

For Rideout, 31, and Epstein, 36, Public Schooled comes after the success of their first feature Eadweard, which won awards at film festivals in Cape Cod, Maui, and Rhode Island, as well as earning them a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Canadian Screen Awards.

Shooting for Public Schooled begins next month, though no release date has been set.


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