Abrams On MI:4 And Star Trek 2

While making an appearance at Fox’s Eco-Casino Party, JJ Abrams about the status of Mission Impossible 4 and Star Trek 2. Here is what he had to say…

On Star Trek 2: “We’re hopefully going to have everyone, obviously, from the first cast. I keep trying to spread this rumor that I’m going to recast Kirk as Greg Grunberg, but no one ever prints it. We’re working on a script right now still. I can tell you it’s cool. We have some really cool ideas, but it’s too early.”

On Mission Impossible 4: “Yeah, we have a really cool story. It’s being written right now by Andre Nemec and Josh Applebaum.”


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  1. I think Abrams is over-rated. It’s not that I don’t think he’s talented. He has good ideas, they’re just never as well executed as they could be. Some of his writing is pedestrian. Star Trek was full of plot holes, plus I think a really talented writer could have told the story without re-creating the characters that thousands of people have cared about for decades.