District 9 Banned in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Information Minister Dora Akunyili says that Nigeria will boycott District 9 due to what they feel is a negative portrayal of Nigerians.

“We have directed that they should stop public screening of the film,” she said of the movie theaters in Abuja. “We are not happy about it because it portrays Nigeria in bad light.”

The movie portrays some Nigerians as gangsters, prostitutes, and cannibals, and also portrays the country’s government as corrupt.

“We have written to the producer and distributor of the film, Sony Entertainment, expressing our displeasure and demanded an apology,” said the Minister. “We have asked that the areas where Nigeria and Obasanjo are mentioned should be edited from the film.”


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  1. From what I’ve read about Nigeria, the conditions have improved in recent years, but some people still accuse the government of being corrupt. Perhaps it’s a case of some people are still suspicious after years of military rule. Or maybe some officials are still corrupt. I believe some politicians will always be untrustworthy.