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RHI entertainment presents a 4-hour miniseries event perfect for the holiday season. Hogfather, from the imagination of best-selling novelist Terry Pratchett, is a deliriously twisted take on the holidays.

Welcome to the Discworld, a parallel universe drifting through space perched on top of four elephants standing on the shell of a giant turtle. Here, reality is stretched to its limit, but it’s still populated by humans, just like you and me. Almost. It’s the night before Hogswatch, that special time when the Hogfather delivers presents to the kiddies at the mid-winter festival in the medieval melting pot of Ankh-Morpork. But when the Hogfather is kidnapped by a cadre of villains called the Auditors, the inspiring belief in Hogswatch could be lost forever. So could humanity, unless the Auditors’ evil plan is undone ASAP.

Weaving together pagan myths, druid worship, winter solstice rites, childhood bogeymen, fanciful dreams, and incredible nightmares, Hogfather is like nothing else ever imagined. By turns hilarious and horrifying, magical and menacing, wicked and witty, it’ll restore your faith in the power of invention.

Watch the trailer here:

Hogfather will air on ION Television Sunday, November 25th at 7pm/6pm Central time.

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