Ezra Miller Not Worried by Director Quitting ‘The Flash’

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller isn’t concerned about director Rick Famuyiwa quitting The Flash film.

Rick, 43, was brought on board for the blockbuster, a standalone movie about the titular super-fast superhero Barry Allen played by Ezra, after Seth Grahame-Smith exited the project back in May. But last week the Dope filmmaker decided to walk away from the DC Comics adventure due to creative differences between himself and executives at Warner Bros. Studios.

Although Ezra is disappointed his DC Extended Universe film has suffered the setback he insists these things happen when you’re working on such a huge movie and it’s just part of the process.

Speaking at a press junket to launch his latest film ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ – in which he plays Credence Barebone – Ezra said: “These processes are complicated, and I think it can – from afar – appear to be, as you say, something interpersonal or dramatic. That is rarely the case. These are groups of people taking the development of projects extremely seriously, and the teams are changing all the time. There’s often a lot of flux in who the team of the production of a film is before that production starts, and in this case, you hear about it, because it’s a critical figure – the directors that have been coming on and leaving. For me, it’s sort of a tragic relay race, and we’ve had a couple really incredible people carry this baton, and their marks are left on that baton, and the work that they’ve given to the project will certainly be represented in whatever the final product comes to be.”

Ezra has appeared as The Flash in two cameo appearances in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad and will have his first major appearance as the lightning quick superhero in the upcoming Justice League film. The 24-year-old actor has fully embraced the character and has read a lot of DC Comics adventures to make sure his portrayal of Barry Allen is accurate.

He shared: “I’ve been investigating and composing the character since the moment I started considering doing the screen test. Fortunately, a lot of that research is extremely fun and involves reading Flash Comics and other comics from the world of DC, The Brave and the Bold, and I’m really interested in the early history and some of my favorite stuff is Silver Age. Even the Golden Age and the Jay Garrick stuff, the original Flash. It’s just so fascinating, so endlessly compelling. It’s such an incredible set-up for exploration, all these fascinating concepts in physics, in mysticism, in fantasy… he can go anywhere. He’s that figure of the DC pantheon who transcends the realms, sort of like Hermes or Mercury before him in the respective Greek and Roman mythologies that the character’s (creator) Gardner Fox clearly based him on.”

The Flash is now set for a 2018 release and will also star Billy Crudup as Henry Allen, the father of the titular superhero character.

Ezra will next be seen as the character in Justice League, which hits cinemas in November 2017.


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