JINX’s New Brand Apparel is Soft and Cozy for Gamers

J!NX recently announced the creation of two new labels, J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro apparel. The J!NX Brand clothing line features soft and comfortable fabrics that are inspired by the gaming community, while the J!NX Pro line features high-performance fabric with top-grade moisture-wicking materials that provide the professional look of a competitive eSports gamer.

jnxI’m someone who loves to be comfortable, especially when gaming, and I recently got a sample of the new J!NX Brand apparel and immediately appreciated the soft and cozy feeling of both the t-shirts and hoodie. Both shirts are stylish with the J!NX skull logo and brand name on them. They definitely look cool for a brand line of clothing. Normally I wouldn’t care much about brand clothing – just give me a piece of clothing with a game I like on it instead of the company who makes it – but these designs are well done to the point where I actually like them. I like the company too, so that also helps.

The Commando hoodie that I received a sample of actually speaks to my style even more with its minimalist design. It features a very small J!NX skull logo on the front, but unlike the large skull designs that the shirts feature, the hoodie consists of a dual tone style with a camo print in the hood. It’s so incredibly soft that I quickly fell in love with it. I could spend all winter gaming in this hoodie.

Having seen the rest of the J!NX brand designs, I’m definitely impressed by them. Mix that with quality and comfort, as well as a brand that represents the gaming community, and just like that you have a great source for more clothing outside of just grabbing designs for many of your favorite games.

Sean Gailey, J!NX co-founder and CEO recently commented about the new lines of apparel that also includes the J!NX Pro line, saying that, “J!NX was created to celebrate gaming culture and lifestyle. Video games are not just something we do, they are woven into who we are,” He went on to say, “That passion and expertise uniquely position us to establish the J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro lines as the gold standard for core and competitive gaming apparel at an unprecedented scale.”

jnx-3J!NX has been my favorite source for video game apparel for well over a year now as I own an awesome Titanfall and Diablo III hoodie, as well as my favorite jacket ever, a UNSC Halo jacket. I’ve always liked the J!NX Brand, and now I continue to appreciate what they are doing by providing clothing not just unique to the video games we love, but clothing that’s catered to the video game culture as well with both its Brand and Pro lines.

The first official J!NX Brand and J!NX Pro offerings of t-shirts, jerseys, joggers, hoodies and hats are now available online at JINX.com.

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