Top TV Moments: Big Reveals and Sad Goodbyes

What a week for goodbyes: Battlestar Galactica, Edie on Desperate Housewives, President Obama’s sunny relationship with the press. We can’t help but grieve in a week like this, but it just makes us grateful for the things we know will never change: The sky is still blue, the clouds come and go, Lost is confusing, and the Idol judges are babies. So take stock of your sort-of blessings and enjoy our Top Moments, Rest in Peace Edition.

11. Iciest Stare: When CNN’s Ed Henry presses President Obama at his prime-time news conference over why he didn’t go public earlier with his outrage over AIG bonuses, Obama unveils the Presidential Stare and a nice catchall response to all future why-did-this-take-so-long-type questions: “It took us a couple of days because I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak.” There’s no burn like freezer burn.

10. Most in Need of a Time Out: During Scott MacIntyre’s critique on American Idol, Paula gets so frustrated with Simon’s immaturity that she pulls out a box of crayons and two coloring books she happens to have on hand to keep the Brit busy. But Simon gets his revenge by drawing a mustache on Paula. Wait, isn’t this a show about singing?

9. Best Guest: Brian Cox, one of the world’s greatest character actors, turns up on Kings as a former monarch King Silas keeps in a dungeon, just waiting for a moment like the one when he makes him reveal the location of his gold. It’s a royal shame only seven people watch this show, because we’re loving it.

8. Worst Business Decision: We believe The Office’s Michael would start a rival paper company after quitting Dunder Mifflin last week — paper is all he knows, and he would never let good sense and financial wisdom get in the way of a dream. But why oh why does Pam decide this week to quit Dunder and join him? Talk about Dunder-headed moves.

7. Least Surprising Reveal: In its best episode in a long time, Heroes finally gives up the identity of the mysterious Rebel. And he’s none other than… Micah, the obvious guess from the beginning. We’re not complaining about having Micah back (despite the fact that his growth spurt is a little alarming), but we wish the show had thrown in a few more red herrings.

6. Coolest Reveal: Joss Whedon wasn’t kidding when he touted Dollhouse’s sixth episode as a game-changer. Echo’s secret message to Paul about there being “more than 20” Dollhouses worldwide, and that “fantasy” is not their primary purpose, has our minds reeling.

5. Weirdest Happy Ending: Big Love’s season finale packed plenty of punches (R.I.P., Roman!), but none with the emotional impact of Bill’s solemn, symbolic ceremony to redefine eternal salvation for his family. When his estranged wife, Nicki, crashes the bread-and-water party, tensions dissolve as she introduces her heretofore-unheard-of teenaged daughter.

4. The McDreamiest Non-Proposal Proposal: Grey’s Anatomy’s Derek uses a series of CT scans from some of his early surgeries alongside Meredith to offer her the kind of “love in an elevator” that lasts a lifetime. He never actually pops the question, and she never says yes, but when did they ever play by the rules? It is, for many, just what the doctor ordered.

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