Stephenie Meyer Still Hasn’t Ok’ed ‘Breaking Dawn’ For Film

While the third installment of ‘Twilight’ is currently being filmed in Vancouver, and the second installment is due for release this November – it’s still unsure of whether or not the fourth film will happen.

It’s hard imagine the fourth film ‘Breaking Dawn’ not getting the green light from Summit Entertainment, but that’s not what’s holding the process up. Stephenie Meyer still has to give the “ok”.

Last month, Robert Pattinson hinted at the production schedule of the fourth film. Pattinson said if all goes as scheduled they’ll begin the filming for ‘Breaking Dawn’ in April after he returns from filming ‘Bel Ami’ in Paris.

“The film has not been greenlit – and thus no decisions about the film’s shooting location, start date, the director, etc… have been made,” said a spokesman for Summit Entertainment.

‘Eclipse’ will hit theaters next summer, and ‘New Moon’ will be released on November 20th.


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  1. FYI

    Check Production Weekly issue number 682 and the information is right there in front of you. As for Sunswept Entertainment, look it up on IMDb Pro.

    Do your homework and you will not be so “in the dark”.

    If anything changes regarding Breaking Dawn, then the updated information will be posted. If you have worked in the entertainment industry for 24 years as I have, you would know that things change fast and frequently in pre-production stages.

    -Alan Baltes