Sofia Coppola to Direct Star Wars Movie?

Sofia Coppola

Gareth Edwards would love to see Sofia Coppola to direct a Star Wars movie.

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story director would love to see a female director taking charge of one of the movies in the franchise and Sofia is among his top picks.

Speaking to Vulture, he said: “I’d love to see an Andrea Arnold ‘Star Wars’, or even a Lynne Ramsey ‘Star Wars’, or a Sofia Coppola ‘Star Wars’. I’d be first in line for that.”

Gareth also revealed that he tried to write the movie’s heroine Jyn Esro (Felicity Jones) gender “neutral” as he doesn’t think it should matter if the main character is male or female.

He explained: “John Knoll, who wrote the original treatment, has two daughters and he wanted to have a hero they could look up to. I feel like one of the most successful heroines in science-fiction cinema is Sigourney Weaver in ‘Aliens’ -I love her, and as a guy, no part of my brain thinks of her gender. She’s just Ripley, that character. We tried to write Jyn as neither male nor female, as just a person. Obviously, she’s female, but even with the clothing, my goal with the costume department was to design clothes that I would wear as a guy on Halloween. She wouldn’t look feminine, and she wouldn’t look masculine – she’d be neutral. Jyn is a person who just happens to be a girl.”

And Gareth is proud that the movie features an extremely diverse cast.

He said: “I’m British, I grew up in England, and I got to see myself represented in a film. I think it’s about time that we represented the rest of the world. We were all in agreement that not just because of the story, but because it’s 2016, it’s great to have such a diverse cast. The thing about this is the second you say ‘Star Wars,’ everybody wants to drop what they’re doing and get involved, so we had our pick of the whole world to choose from and with such a diverse cast, we could have literally anybody. It’s an embarrassment of riches with the cast in the film.”


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