Hallmark – The Countdown to Christmas Tradition

Over the past several years now I’ve taken part in the tradition of watching brand-new Christmas movies that are released on the Hallmark Channel. Yes, while a lot of them have similar plots, fake snow, and are almost always predictable, it’s the enjoyment of seeing new characters come together in situations during the most wonderful time of the year that makes them so much fun to watch. By the way, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, five star – must see movie, if you haven’t.

Hallmark does a wonderful job at establishing a strong list of new movies each and every year. I always love finding new favorites to place on a list for the following year as well. It’s even better when you run into an instant classic that ends up being a new all-time favorite movie that must be watched each Christmas season. I’ve collected a few of those over the recent years and have included them in a list below.

Christmas in Homestead

It’s not always perfect though as there are usually a few movies each year that feel like a big waste of two hours. Thank goodness for DVRs with a delete button, even though I often still fight through them to the end. Usually when movies go wrong it’s because of bad acting or a poorly executed plot. There are also movies where everything feels disconnected, especially with the characters, which is never a good thing. There were a couple of movies like that this season as well.

Speaking of watching movies through the DVR; deciding on what movie to watch next can be a difficult thing. Sometimes the descriptions of the Hallmark movies can be a disservice to them as I’ve read plenty of plots that just make you go “ugh, this again?” However, it’s always nice when a movie ends up surprising you by taking a little creative action with the scenario, and when it also features a cast that totally buys into their roles. This can result in a film that could actually become one of the best movies of the year. Hello, A Dream of Christmas.

I love the Countdown to Christmas tradition on the Hallmark Channel. It’s a wonderful tradition that I get to share with my wife and family every year. And even when there are a few movies that deserve a huge lump of coal, there are always plenty available to help carry on the holiday cheer. Thank you, Hallmark, for bringing forth so many wonderful and joyful movies every Christmas season.

A Dream of Christmas

I haven’t seen every 2016 Hallmark Christmas movie yet, but here are my recommendations as of now for this year’s movies.

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Stay Far, Far Away

Need more choices? Here are some of my favorites from the past few years.



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