FanBolt Takes Your Questions For ‘New Moon’ Interview

Justine Wachsberger

FanBolt is taking fan questions for an exclusive interview with ‘New Moon’ cast member Justine Wachsberger. Justine plays Gianna in the upcoming sequel to the hit film ‘Twilight’. When we talked to her earlier this summer she admitted that the filming experience was stressful for her but she loved working with the cast and crew.

Justine also provided insight into the personal schedules of her co-stars. “Even though the tabloids depict it as if they’re going out every night partying, that’s not actually really the case. Yeah, we hang out after the day is done shooting. No big partying. At least not when I was there.” Justine explained.

If you have questions for Justine about her career or the filming of ‘New Moon’ post them below and we’ll pick the best ones to ask in our interview with her.


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