D.J. Caruso Rreveals Plan for ‘G.I. Joe’ and ‘Transformers’ Cross-Over Movie

D.J. Caruso

D.J. Caruso has developed a cross-over movie featuring G.I. Joe and the Transformers.

The 52-year-old director has been working on a storyline that would see the two iconic franchises collide, but also admitted the plans are unlikely to come to fruition until fellow filmmaker Michael Bay has decided he is finished with the Transformers movies.

Explaining Paramount’s position on the plan, D.J. said: “They’re not ready. That’s exactly what they should do but they’re not ready to do that because in fact the script that I was developing, the two worlds sort of collided at the end and when they read it they were like, ‘We’re not ready to do this yet.'”

But D.J. said it is a matter of time before the two storylines combine, explaining the studio is simply waiting for Michael’s approval.

He told Collider: “They will eventually collide those two worlds and it’s probably when Mr. Bay decides he’s done with ‘Transformers’.”

Earlier this month, meanwhile, D.J. said it’s unfair that action films are “overlooked” at awards shows.

The director, who recently helmed xXx: Return of Xander Cage, admitted to being frustrated by the lack of recognition for action films.

He said: “A lot of times, movies like this get overlooked … especially when you talk about stunt work, cinematography, special effects … a lot of these movies get looked over.”

The first xXx film hit screens 15 years ago, but Caruso said the world is currently in need of a “rebel” like Xander.

He explained: “Now is the right time because of the zeitgeist of being a rebel and being who you are; sometimes you’re judged … right now the world is very accepting of being an individual and Xander is sort of great for the individuality. I feel like we need an action movie we can just sit back and have a good time with. We’re not changing the world!”

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