Stallone Wants To Do ‘Rocky 7’

In a recent (translated) interview Sylvester Stallone, 63, indicated that he wants to make a seventh ‘Rocky’ film. The original interview took place with Tele5 Germany in which Stallone said, “I know people would laugh at it, as I would if someone were making ‘The Godfather Part 10.’ But I also know that if I succeed it will be because this is a film about aging, not about boxing. I know it will provoke criticism. Even my wife said to me, ‘Leave it. You’ll embarrass the children.’ But I said if I do not try I am a very unfortunate man. One must do it. Artists must go again and again through the dark.”

Of course, no movie deals have been confirmed for any portions of a new ‘Rocky’ film, so we’ll just have to wait and see what develops.


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