Armie Hammer in the Dark About Possible ‘Green Lantern’ Role

Armie Hammer

Tom Cruise, Joel McHale, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Armie Hammer, and Jake Gyllenhaal are on the shortlist for Green Lantern Corps.
While Ryan played the part of Hal Jordan in the 2011 movie ‘Green Lantern’, DC Entertainment is considering whether or not he should reprise the role and the other actors are among those being considered to take over.

Armie Hammer claims he knows nothing about him being in the running to play Green Lantern in the new film. Speaking to website The Wrap at a Sundance Film Festival event, he said: “I saw the reporting too. That’s the first I’ve heard of it.”

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films have scheduled the new film for a 2020 release, but development is still in the early stages.

Last year, DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns revealed that the Green Lantern Corps cast will appear in the Justice League films.

He said: “We’ve been to the bottom of the oceans, we’ve been to ancient Greece mythology, we’ve been to the past and future Flash, into the digital world with Cyborg, we still got to go to space. So the Green Lanterns and the Green Lantern Corps will be coming to join the ‘Justice League’ universe.”

The Green Lantern Corps is an alien interstellar police force that has existed for three billion years and protects the universe with each member gaining their powers from their individual power ring, a weapon granting the use of incredible abilities determined by the wearer.