Tom Hiddleston Says ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Cast Communicated Using GIFs

Tom Hiddleston

The Kong: Skull Island cast communicated with GIFs of their own movies according to Tom Hiddleston. Sound like a fun cast to you? Us too!

The ensemble cast, which includes Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly, Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman, struck up a close bond working on the film and enjoyed laughing at themselves by sending out brief animated clips of their work to express their feelings on a situation.

Tom said to Empire magazine: “John C. Reilly has instructed me in the way of the GIF. It’s fun because you can take the p**s out of yourself. I’ve been sending people a particularly humiliating dancey one of me. And John recently, when he was disappointed by something, sent a gif of me from ‘The Deep Blue Sea’. I just said, ‘Where did you find that?’ He said, ‘I just googled “disappointed gif”.'”

Brie has been instrumental in bringing the cast together, organizing events such as a ‘Brie-kend’, in which she arranged go-karting, laser tag and karaoke.

She said of their karaoke sessions: “Tom sang ‘Common People’. But I started off the whole thing by putting on an instrumental overture from the musical ‘Cats’. It really weirded everyone out when they came in and it was just cat noises.”

Brie had to leave the set a number of times during shooting as it coincided with awards season, when she received multiple nominations and wins for her role in Room. But she was teased by her co-stars, who pretended to ignore her after her Best Actress triumph at the Oscars.

Tom laughed: “We played a game where we pretended to ignore her for the first five minutes. When she came into the make-up bus we were just telling stories and pretending nothing had happened. They we surprised her with a big celebration. We’re all very proud of Brie.”


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