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7 Netflix Shows To Watch Out For This Summer

7 Netflix Shows To Watch Out For This Summer


Netflix is fast becoming one of the best creators of original content, with some utterly gripping shows set to grace our screens over the next few months. From new show Glow, to the enthusiastically awaited fourth season of Orange Is The New Black, this summer is going to be a scorcher. Here are just a few to watch out for and binge until your heart’s content over the coming months.

  1. House of Cards

Due in just a few days on May 30th in the USA, this close to the bone political drama is about to release its fifth series. After the crazy political year the White House has seen in real life, this season is sure to be exciting.

  1. OITNB

The new season of Orange Is The New Black looks amazing! The prison riot at the end of season four has set us up for an exciting start to the new season, and frankly, June 9th still seems too long to wait. And don’t worry, if you’re going to be on vacation and you’re if you’re feeling impatient. Check out securethoughts for how to make use of a VPN to watch your Netflix account internationally. Apparently the entire 13 episodes will take place over just three days, in the OITNB universe. That means something pretty full on is going to happen, right?

  1. Glow

Jenji Kohan, of OITNB fame, has been a busy lady this year. Not only has she got the fourth season of OITNB due for release, but Glow, or Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, is her new series, due for release on Netflix on June 25th. It’s set to be hysterical and touching, with all the emotional intelligence that Kohan has previously displayed. Very exciting!

  1. Gypsy

If you’re a budding psychologist, or a lover of Naomi Watts, this new series, due for release on June 30th, is going to be right up your street. A psychologist (played by good old Naomi) starts to develop relationships with her patients, which obviously turns out not to be such a great idea. An absolute must-see this year.

  1. The Defenders

Well, Marvel are back and bigger than ever. Imagine Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil, all coming together to defend New York City. Well, as of August 18th, you’re not going to have to imagine it any longer. With all your favorite Marvel characters coming together, this one is going to be massive.

  1. Stranger Things

Hands up if you were utterly glued to the screen for the first season of Stranger Things? Hands up if Halloween feels far too long to wait for the next season? You have my sympathy. But it’s set to be even more weird and wonderful than the first season, with the whole cast set to return. Just remember, patience is a virtue, apparently.

  1. Making a Murderer

We are all eager to see what’s happened to Steven and Brandon since the original series came out, and see if they’re any closer to justice. With no release date set in stone, it’s one we will be waiting for with baited breath.

This summer’s Netflix shows are looking breathtaking – it’s going to be a good year.


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