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The Must-See Movie Sights For Any Fan Coming To The USA

The Must-See Movie Sights For Any Fan Coming To The USA


Being a movie and TV fan can give you an incredible amount of enjoyment in life. Not only are you able to fill any spare time you have with your favorite activity, you never have to worry about that ever coming to an end. Because there are just so many movies in existence, it would take forever for you to get through them all. And, of course, so many more movies and TV shows are being made each year, you’ve always got more to look a forwards too. And then, if you feel like you need to take your hobby to the next level, you’ve also got the option to see some of your favorite movie sights for yourself.

When you’re a movie and TV buff, where is it that you should head? Well right on over here to the USA of course. If you’re already an American citizen, it’s time to start planning your vacation time and seeing some of the TV gold hotspots that we have dotted around the country. And if you’re not, make sure you get your ESTA Visa sorted and plan an action packed itinerary for movie and TV site travel based on some of these must-see spots.

Universal Studios

First up, while you’re planning a US tour of your favorite movie sites and sights, you should stop off in Hollywood. The home of all things movie, film, TV and stardom. To start your tour in the right way, you have to head to Universal Studios. Not only is this spot world famous, but you can take a tour round and even enjoy their much-loved theme park. Plus, while you’re there, you can look out for the Bates Motel set from the movie Psycho.

Royal Victorian Manor

Everyone has their favorites movies. The ones they’ve seen over and over again. The ones they know all of the famous sayings too. Well, if you love the movie Groundhog Day, you’re going to want to make your way to Woodstock, Illinois and not Pennsylvania as you may have first thought. Here is the Royal Victoria Manor, the place that Bill Murray’s character wakes each morning on his Groundhog Day! And the best part? You can even stay here while you’re in town and enjoy the Groundhog Day festival if you match your dates up right.

The Land Of Oz

Even though the famous movie was filmed on set at what was MGM Studios, now Sony Picture Studios, if you’ve always wanted to follow the yellow brick road, head to Liberal, Kansas. Complete with Dorothy’s house and the Land of Oz, find Dorothy style guides sporting red slippers ready to play tour guide. You’ll even find an Oz museum to wander round and enjoy. And being in such a gorgeous, friendly, humble atmosphere that the town of Liberal provides, you really can see that there’s no place like home.

Philadelphia Museum Of Art

With real sets and those recreated from studio sets, you really do have an eclectic mix of sights to tick off of your list. But when it comes to this next one, it’s an iconic location that you have to see, even if you’re not the biggest fan of the movie itself. In Philadelphia, right outside of the Museum of Art, find the infamous steps from Rocky. If you just so happen to love all things art, this will be a win-win for you while you’re in town. And if not, you’ll sure keep yourself busy running up and down the steps, Rocky-style.

Illinois High Schools

If you are thinking about heading to Illinois to see the Royal Victorian Manor, you may as well add two other stops to your journey. First up the Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, and then also the Maine North High School in Des Plaines. In the heart of the suburbs, both of these locations were used for filming for two of everyone’s favorites films. That’s right, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club both shot different scenes in these locations.

La La Land

Earlier this year, the Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood added La La Land to their list of stops. It was then extended and no doubt will be expended again. But even if you aren’t a fan of the film itself, this incredible tour will take you through everything from the prop department to the DC exhibition and of course their cool store. And if that wasn’t enough, you also get to enjoy a coffee at Central Perk Cafe and the spotlight spots, like La La Land, that pop up periodically.

Mountain Lake Resort

EVERYBODY has seen Dirty Dancing, right? Well, if you’ve always wanted to see where Baby sat and danced and fell in love with Johnny, you can. Although the film was set in a mountain resort, it was actually filmed in Virginia. The Mountain Lake Resort can be found in Pembroke and is a must-see for any die-hard Dirty Dancing fan. The most exciting part? Lots of the spaces have been preserved, like the dining room, so that you can really take in the set as it was in 1988.

Holly Golightly’s Apartment

Following on with another iconic movie, if you’re planning on heading to New York City, you’re going to want to head to Manhattan and see Holly Golightly’s apartment. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of those films that can stay with you for light, so of course, you’re going to want to see the steps that Audrey Hepburn walked down on 169 E. 71st Street. Because the interior set was filmed in California, like most movies. But the exterior shots were all taken here.

The Gamble House

If you are heading to California for any of the studio tours, then make sure you stop off in Pasadena. And no, not because of where The Big Bang Theory is based (it’s actually filmed on the Warner Bros lot in Burbank), but because of The Gamble House. Although built for he that puts the G in Proctor & Gamble, it was also filmed as Doc Brown’s house in the original Back to the Future movie!

Sex And The City

Back to NYC. If you’re heading to the city of dreams and you fancy yourself a Carrie or a Charlotte, then you’re definitely going to want to take the Sex and the City tour. Lasting around 3-4 hours, you’ll find yourself at Carrie’s apartment stoup, Scout Bar and the trendy Meatpacking district where the girls spent a lot of their time. If you’re heading on a girls trip, this could head straight to the top of your to-see list.

Lincoln Field

If you’re a fan of the movie, Silver Lining’s Playbook, then you’re going to want to see Lincoln Financial Field and do your best to actual see a game. And while in Philadelphia, you might want to take a look at the two-day itinerary based on the movie. Through the city center, around the suburbs and around South Philadelphia, you’ll be able to see some of the sites that Pat and Tiffany visit themselves.

Pier 11

And finally, for the best of the best, while in New York City, you’re going to want to make your way to Pier 11. If you’re a fan of the Woody Allen classic, Annie Hall, you’ll know why. And if not, it’s the location that waterfront scene was shot at. 1977 might seem like a long time ago, but you can still feel the film in the area. If you want to make a romantic gesture to another fellow film fan, here’s the spot to do it.




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