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James Cameron Talks Film Technology

James Cameron Talks Film Technology


In a recent interview director James Cameron talked about the technological changes that have occurred recently in cinema and their impact on the industry. As an example he talked about making a Dirty Harry movie saying, “You can take an actor of a given age, and you can transform their age. Additive makeup can age somebody, but it’s hard to make someone younger. Let’s say you have a novelistic storyline where you cast an actor in their 40s, but the first time you see them they’re 15 years old and the last time you see them they’re 80. This is the Benjamin Button idea. Clint Eastwood could do another Dirty Harry movie and look the way he looked in the ’70s. He would still be making all the performance choices. It would be his voice. We’d just make him 30 years younger.”

Cameron also talked about the benefits of technology. He used his blockbuster ‘Titanic’ as an example saying, “There wouldn’t be a 750-foot-long set. There would be small set pieces integrated into a large CGI set. I wouldn’t have to wait seven days to get the perfect sunset for the kiss scene. We’d shoot it in front of a green screen, and we’d choose our sunset.”

But the director does not believe CGI will ever replace actors stating, “People often ask us about the future of filmmaking because we’ve both been innovators in the last few years, creating cutting-edge stuff that gets widely or narrowly adopted. I think the simple answer is that filmmaking is not going to ever fundamentally change. It’s about storytelling. It’s about humans playing humans. It’s about close-ups of actors. It’s about those actors somehow saying the words and playing the moment in a way that gets in contact with the audience’s hearts. I don’t think that changes. I don’t think that’s changed in the last century.”

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