‘Night And Fog’ Being Adapted to Big Screen

Producers Gil Adler (Valkyrie) and Shane McCarthy (Fool’s Paradise) have optioned to produce the sci-fi horror comicbook “Night and Fog” from publisher Studio 407.

“This material is definitely in my strike zone in more ways than one,” Adler said, noting his prior role as a producer of such horror projects as the “Tales From the Crypt” series. “But what really appealed to me wasn’t so much the genre trappings but rather the characters that really drive this story.”

Set during WWII, story revolves around an infectious mist unleashed on a military base that transforms its victims into preternatural creatures of the night. But when the survivors try to kill them, they adapt and change into something even more horrific and unstoppable.
Studio 407’s Alex Leung (Around the World in 80 Days) will also serve as a producer on “Night and Fog.”


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