Edgar Wright Envisioned Making ‘Baby Driver’ 22 Years Ago

Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright first had the idea for Baby Driver 22 years ago.

The 43-year-old movie-maker has revealed he was inspired to make the new action movie more than two decades ago, but because he was still an up-and-coming director living in North London at the time, he didn’t have the opportunity to realize his ambition.

He explained: “It’s funny, when I’ve mentioned that kind of timeline – having the idea 22 years ago – it’s true in a sense that I heard a song and visualized a car chase, which is John Spencer Blues Explosion’s Bellbottoms, and that’s in the movie. But when people say ‘So why did it take 22 years to get to the screen?’ I’m like, ‘woah, back up! 22 years ago I was living in Wood Green, I was 21, I’d made my first feature but it hadn’t come out yet.'”

But Edgar also admitted his original idea has evolved over the years.

Speaking to Den of Geek, he said: “I had the idea back then, and over the years it developed into a getaway driver, a young getaway driver, who can’t operate at his best without the right kind of music playing. So over the years – before ‘Spaced’, before anything else – I kept sort of developing the idea.”

And Edgar explained the crucial role a music video played in the development of the new movie, which stars the likes of Ansel Elgort, Lily James and Kevin Spacey.

He said: “In 2002, I did a music video for Mint Royale with Noel Fielding and Nick Frost, Michael Smiley and Julian Barratt that was sort of like a dry run for the opening sequence. At the time that I did the video, I was almost mad at myself for squandering the idea on a £20,000 music video.”


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