Tom Holland Hired Best Friend as Assistant to Stay Real

Tom Holland

Tom Holland hired his best friend as his assistant to maintain a sense of “reality”.

The 21-year-old actor’s life has changed dramatically since he was cast as Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the Marvel movies and he was delighted to be able to share his new lifestyle with his childhood pal.

He said: “I had my best mate, Harrison, with me through all this and having him with me has been my touchstone to reality. He was on payroll as mu assistant, but it was just a way to have my best mate with me through this journey, to enjoy it with him and have that same excitement and buzz we would have had as kids, going through an experience like that.”

The Spider-Man: Homecoming actor doesn’t want to take the trappings of fame for granted and wants to always be grateful and “excited” about the luxuries in his life.

He said: “You’re suddenly living this life of a lottery winner – private jets and hotels – and it’s different, there’s no denying it, but you just have to be thankful for it, always. And always excited. If it becomes boring, if you become complacent, if you believe those who are always pumping you up… I can now see how it happens. Just don’t go down that road.”

And Tom insists he would never let his success go to his head because he doesn’t want to disappoint his family.

He told heat magazine: “My family would be quite disappointed in me if my attitude changed. Not allowing any of this to alter who I am, who I was before this ever happened, is so, so important to me.”


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