‘Buck Rogers’ In 3D

Another 3D movie is reportedly in the works: ‘Buck Rogers’. It is also being reported that ‘Resident Evil’ director Paul W.S. Anderson has signed on to direct.

‘Buck Rogers’ has been around as a character for over 80 years. The story revolves around a modern-day pilot who finds himself in the 25th century. The script for the movie is being written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man).

The plot is being kept secret, but will keep the idea of a relatable contemporary hero who is flung into the future. Paradox controls the rights to the Buck Rogers character, as well as to the characters Kull and Solomon Kane, and currently has Conan the Barbarian in the works. Some other classic characters, like Dan Dare, The Shadow and Doc Savage, are also being looked at for movie versions.


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