Samuel L Jackson Surprised by Black Panther Omission

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson is surprised he doesn’t make an appearance in Black Panther.

The Hollywood star plays the part of Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, but has been omitted from Avengers 3, Avengers 4 and the Africa-set Black Panther – which has seemingly annoyed the actor.

He told Yahoo: “I wasn’t in the ‘superhero argument’ movie [‘Captain America: Civil War’], I’m not in ‘Avengers 3 and 4’. They’re shooting them now, and they haven’t called me yet. They wouldn’t let me go to ‘Black Panther’-ville, so it’s kinda like how are you going to make a black Marvel movie and not let Nick Fury show up in it?”

This comes shortly after the 68-year-old star revealed he’s never worried about being the lead in a movie.

The veteran performer is among the best-known faces in the movie industry, but recently insisted his career choices have never been driven by ego, meaning he’s been happy to play small roles in high-profile films.

He shared: “I watched movies all my life. And I knew who character actors are. I always wanted to be those guys that move the story along in a way, or when you saw them, you knew a specific kind of thing was going to happen.”

Jackson cited his small role in the Eddie Murphy comedy Coming To America as one example. In the 1988 movie, he played a minimal role in which his character tried to rob a fast-food restaurant.

Jackson said: “When I did ‘Coming To America’ and I robbed McDonald’s, I wanted that robber to be special, so I gave him a desperation that you wouldn’t normally have in a movie like that. You know? To be a foil for Eddie Murphy. [But] I had my own thing happening. You knew I needed that money. I wanted it. And if I didn’t get it, someone was gonna get hurt. You know? So, when you leave, and your scene is over, people are still talking, ‘Man, that robbery scene was off the chain!'”


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