Edgar Wright Hints at ‘Baby Driver’ Sequel

Baby Driver

Edgar Wright has some “cool ideas” for a possible Baby Driver sequel.

The 43-year-old director helmed the widely acclaimed crime thriller, and while a follow-up movie has still to be confirmed, Edgar has revealed he’s open to the prospect.

He shared: “I’m not ruling out a sequel idea. It has been spoken about and I have some cool ideas, so we’ll see where that goes. Then I’ll be one of those franchise guys!”

Edgar also confessed to being surprised by the success of the movie, which has already grossed more than $167 million worldwide. He admitted, too, that he’s “encouraged” to see an “original” film like Baby Driver perform so well at the box office.

Speaking to Vulture, Edgar explained: “Even if I remove myself from the process, I’m just happy that it’s an original movie that’s done well. Getting an original movie made in this day and age, it seems at least five times harder, and maybe more, just because the majority of the studio effort is going into existing IP and franchises. Original films, by their very nature, become more of a gamble, and thus to see a studio take the gamble and have it pay off for them and for me is amazing. It makes me feel very encouraged and inspired that it did well.”

The British director subsequently called on movie studios to adopt a more open-minded attitude towards original films.

He explained: “It’s not that studios need to take more gambles on original movies. It’s that they should stop thinking about original movies as gambles.”


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