Bionic Woman Canceled Amid Strikes?

Actress MICHELLE RYAN looks set to lose her role on TV show BIONIC WOMAN – as
the show is rumored to be facing the axe by studio executives.

Following the Hollywood’s writers’ strike, the cast of the sci-fi remake saw
their contracts with Universal Media Studios suspended earlier this month

And now production has been halted on the action-packed drama, Hollywood
insiders predict the show – which has seen viewer figures plummet since its
premiere earlier this year (Sep07) – will be dropped.



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  1. LauzG wrote: I’ve watched four episodes overall. The pilot seriously wasn’t anything special, I didn’t feel anything towards the characters…though the episodes I watched after were a little better.
    Shame – then again, maybe the writers and producers just need to find a forumla that works aka stop recycling old shows and doing spin offs!

  2. Alexa wrote: That sucks for the fans of the show andthe actors, I have never seen an episode of it, but I guess now I’m kind of glad I didnt bother with it