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Your Guide To Gaming: The Best PCs This Year

Your Guide To Gaming: The Best PCs This Year


The PC holds a lot of power when it comes to the gaming world. Sure, consoles are great too, but they just don’t reach the level and graphical power of what the gaming PCs have.

Another bonus is that even the computers built for gamers still have all the features as a usual PC has, meaning there are many different uses to multitask with.

It’s important to understand what you need to look out for when purchasing a PC because they can come with many different features and configurations, so you’ll need to figure out what works best for you.


Depending on the game you want to play, will determine the kind of hardware your computer needs. You will want a happy medium between graphic performance and CPU.

An overclocked processor means that it will demand a little more from your system’s power supply, which means it will cost more money. You can try overclocking the processor yourself, but problems can arise and you won’t be covered if you damage the system yourself.

Graphics card

The graphic card is usually the decider on whether you’re going to have an incredible overall experience, or just a mediocre one. In this area, you really do get what you pay for, so it’s definitely worth investing your money on a top notch card.

To get a gameplay that runs smoothly, you’ll want to have at least 60 frames per second in your game. This is the bare minimum. You won’t necessarily need to go any higher than that unless you have a super speed monitor that works at a faster rate.


If you’re not really a tech geek, then it’s very easy to overlook the motherboard because you don’t understand everything, but it’s very important. If you settle on a low-cost motherboard, you will be left with more money to invest in a better graphics card, which will make a big difference in the final performance. This is a good and a bad thing. Good graphics are essential, but the motherboard is what allows all the components to communicate together.

Hard drive

A gaming hard drive is very much like a normal one – but better. They store operating systems and programs such as all of your games, all while storing your documents, data, photos, videos, and music too. So, pretty much everything that is valuable to you, that you definitely don’t want to lose. There are also useful to use as a backup if there is any kind of issue or failure, because they hold a lot of extra storage space which is always handy to have.


Get yourself a top quality monitor to truly immerse yourself in the game. You will want the largest display that you can get your hands on, that has a good contrast to alter when need be. Remember that this is how you will view your game, so color, wider angles, and motion has to be the best otherwise it won’t feel real and intense like a game should.



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