Jude Law Talks ‘Sherlock Holmes II’

During a recent interview, Jude Law was asked about a possible sequel to Sherlock Holmes. Law said, “I think Robert [Downey Jr.] put it brilliantly when he said, ‘If enough people want us to make another one, we’ll make another one.” Law also said, “I’ve not been told we’re definitely making another one yet, but if we do it will be in the second half of this year.”

Law was also asked what he’d like to see from his character, Dr. Watson, in the second film. “More of the same,” he said. “I really enjoyed the relationship that he and Holmes. Well, the point they got to in their relationship. I don’t know if it would involve Moriarty or not, or if they’d go with another sort of phantom threat. We’re not short of source material, we’ve got 16 more books to go!”


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