Geek Out with Atlanta’s Best Haunted House of the Season – Netherworld!


Last Friday, September 22, Atlanta’s Netherworld Haunted House opened up for their final season at their home of more than two decades in Norcross, Georgia. Offering the most unearthly and terrifying season yet, Netherworld fans can expect new effects, sets, and scares that’ll fulfill the massive adrenaline rush they have been anticipating all year!

“Every season we have two new haunts loaded with tons of innovative scares and crazy experiences. This year we are bringing back mind warping 3D special effects and guests will get special glasses before they descend into a bizarre clown fueled nightmare!” explained Ben Armstrong, Netherworld Co-Creator. “This is our last season in Norcross before we move to a new Stone Mountain location, so we are especially excited to wrap it up with an amazingly intense show. We have revamped both Haunts to feature brand new scenes crawling with characters that could turn into iconic NETHERWORLD creatures for years to come!”

Also available on site this year: The Mangler’s Fear Machine (3 Minute Escape Game), a new scary operation game called INSECTOPHOBIA, Behind the Scenes Tours (booked in advance on the website only), new photo opportunities with the NETHERWORLD monsters, ability to purchase onsite concessions, and the expanded Netherworld gift shop and museum.


More about this year’s two new haunts!

PRIMAL SCREAM – The Primordial Guardians have awakened to rip the evils of this earth with tooth, claw, thorn, stone and bone! The green kingdoms have risen the dead with parasitic fungi and have sent colossal tree monsters into battle. Savage beast clans infect living humans, transforming them into animal hybrids, as elementals of stone and bone smash anything in their way! United in battle, the Earth howls a PRIMAL SCREAM to crush both mankind and the NETHERWORLD once and for all! Experience (if you dare) the never-ending assault of these bloodthirsty creatures including: The Beastmen’s Rampage, The Tree Thing’s Maelstrom, The Cathedral of Bones, The Werewolves’ Wilderness, The Flesh Eating Flytrap, The Gruesome Grizzly and more!

MR. GRENDEL’S FUNHOUSE OF HORRORS IN 3D – Put on your 3D glasses and experience demented clowns, bizarre monsters and weird creatures from other worlds! Then go back stage at the attraction where you can find Mr. Grendel butchering and eating his less-fortunate victims in a gory feast of horrors. Survivors will travel to the strange world that Mr. Grendel and his pals come from, a twisted mind melting dimension swimming with surreal nightmares! Don’t miss the wild special effects and freaky creatures including: The Carnivorous Clowns, The Bone Crusher, The War of the Monsters, The Glow Maze, The Terror Tilt, The Colossal NETHERWORLD Devourer and more!

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased onsite or by visiting to purchase online and print at home.


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