Erector Set: The Movie?

Helix Film has announced that they formed an exclusive partnership with Meccano Toy Company to develop an original 3D feature film based on the Erector set toy. Helix is currently working on a script, and hope that they can create a franchise that would also include TV and video games.

Producer Steven-Charles Jaffe (Ghost, Star Trek IV, Strange Days) was quoted as saying, “The three partners of Helix Films all grew up playing with Erector Set toys but in different countries–Kevin Foo in Australia, Gaukhar Noortas in Kazakhstan and me and my brother Robert in the U.S.–so our partnership with Meccano is very personal, as well as exciting. We believe the iconic Erector brand offers generational appeal with global reach, providing a tremendous platform to create a thrilling film franchise that boys, girls and adults will all adore.”


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