Striking Hollywood Writers In Talks To End Picket Lines

Talks to end the crippling Hollywood writers’ strike took place on Monday (26Nov07) for the first time since negotiations broke down earlier this month (Nov07).

Members of the Writers Guild Of America (WGA) have been staging walk-outs since 5 November (07) after meetings between the union and studio representatives failed to resolve a dispute over royalties.

But the two parties met at an undisclosed location on Monday to try to bring the screenwriters’ strike to an end, with talks expected to resume on Tuesday (27Nov07).

And according to some internet reports, the picket lines could be disbanded by Christmas.

The WGA strike has hit U.S. TV shows hard, with production on programmes including 24, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives coming to a standstill, while big-screen projects like Oliver Stone’s Pinkville and Eddie Murphy’s new movie NowhereLand have also been affected.



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