‘Lost’ Finale: The Lingering Questions

Who was that guy on the beach? Did the bomb go off? What’s in store for season six? We answer these questions… to the best of our abilities.

1. Who is Jacob’s nemesis?
What a great intro to the show–two men on a beach looking at what appears to be the S.S. Black Rock coming to their island. Our attention is too concerned with the “it’s Jacob!” bombshell to realize the big mystery here: who is the other dude? All we know is he wants Jacob dead, and he can assume the identities of the dead on the island. Some theorize he’s the Smoke Monster, but I’m not so sure. I still think Smokey is a security system, as previously revealed.

Looking at Lost through Bible-colored glasses, we’re inclined to think Jacob’s nemesis is actually his brother, as dictated by the tale of Jacob, Esau, and their mother Rebekah. We’ll refer to him as “Esau” until proven wrong. Other theories on the two include a God-Satan relationship, Jesus-not-Jesus opposites, and your basic good-versus-evil dynamic. But that almost seems too simple for Lost.

2. Who are Ilana and her people?
Cronies of Jacob, they have to be. Jacob visits a bandaged Ilana in a hospital in a flashback, and she agrees to help him. They obviously aren’t strangers. We still don’t know much about her backstory, or the backstory of Bram (her burly cohort), but just as Widmore has assembled a squad (the freighter folk), it appears Jacob has a SWAT team of his own. And, as Jacob whispers to Esau/Locke at the end, “They’re coming.”

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  1. ooo i didnt see this!! i cant wait to catch up on lost.. i still have to start season 5!!