Where is ‘The Strangers’ Part 2?

Fans are all asking the question: where is the sequel to The Strangers. Though filming had been scheduled to begin in the fall of ’09, that never happened and has since left fans waiting and wondering.

The answer to why is simply: when Relativity Media purchased Rogue Pictures in 2009, a number of projects were shaken up. Though distributor Universal is willing to release it, Relativity is currently still trying to make the final decision as to if The Strangers Part 2 is a right fit for them. Unlike the first movie, this is a straight-up go-for-the-throat slasher pic. Very Texas Chainsaw Massacre as opposed to Halloween, to draw a parallel in terms of tone.

The script, however, is complete. Liv Tyler may or may not reprise her role as Kristen McKay (reason if not being because where her sequence rests in the narrative does not work at all) in a Friday the 13th Part 2 kind of way. However, the rumors of the movie circling around a back story of The Strangers themselves will not be the subject of this movie as expected. Instead, the sequel focuses on a family of four who are hit hard by the economy and hit even harder by the mysterious trio of killers who are still on a murder spree.

The father is a fella named Mike who has lost his job, furthermore, his home. The film kicks off, following a shocker opening, with Mike, his wife Cindy, his teenage son Luke and young daughter Kinsey loading their belongings into a moving truck. Their home has been foreclosed and they now need to find a place to crash for the night before moving on and staying with a grandmother. Low on cash, they eschew staying at a hotel.

Mike chooses to relocate his family, just for the night, to a trailer park also hit by the town’s apparent massive lay-offs and economic tough times. It’s a labyrinthine patch of land of supposedly abandoned trailers and they select one formerly owned by a friend. Luke and Kinsey are understandably upset about the situation and after a blow-out fight with his father, Luke decides to explore the grounds. Kinsey tags along and together they find the bodies of an elderly couple in a trailer. It appears the Strangers have targeted those who haven’t moved out of this trailer park and Mike’s family is next.

Bertino whittles down the family emotionally and physically, pushing them to the limits, making a few surprising kills and leaving only one alive. He also relies – perhaps a bit too often – on familiar tricks from the first film. There’s a lot of “emerging from the shadows” sort of business when one of the Strangers makes an attack. The fury of the Man in the Mask (wielding an axe) makes for a particularly cool slaughter sequence. And the pick-up truck the Strangers drive figures prominently in much of the action, too.

But no final decisions have been made on if this script will see the big screen, although they better make their move quick, as many believe that after 2010, it might miss that window of a welcomed return(which in the horror business is usually within the three year mark.)


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