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‘Supergirl’ 3.10 Recap and Review: Legion of Superheroes

‘Supergirl’ 3.10 Recap and Review: Legion of Superheroes


Before you go on with reading, I suggest you queue up the song “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. Now press “play” and continue this article. You’re welcome.

Welcome back to National City, Superfans! Oh, how I’ve missed that place. Too bad it’s turning into a debacle, but I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about the Legion, and how excited I am that they’re finally a part of the action.

I love how the episode started with introducing Brainiac 5 (Jesse Rath) right off the bat. Sure, his makeup wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t that bad, either. Besides, Rath’s performance was stellar — just seconds into the episode and I was already in love with him. His portrayal of Brainy showcases Rath’s apparent ability to capture the essence of his character well. He has done his character justice — so far, at least — I doubt otherwise.

Rath’s chemistry with the cast is exceptional, especially with Melissa Benoist’s Kara — given they’re romantically involved in the comic books, I don’t doubt that is where the story is heading. If they are to be romantic, however, I don’t see it as permanent, as is the marriage between Mon-El (Chris Wood) and Imra (Amy Jackson).

At first, I had thought that Imra was manipulating Mon-El to believe she was his wife. In the comics, Saturn Girl had done similar, manipulating Ultra Boy into thinking his wife Apparition is with them upon stranding themselves in a foreign galaxy. As demonstrated in this episode, she holds similar powers as her comic counterpart. I don’t want to rule out of the possibility, though it’s appearing unlikely — however, she fangirls over Superman in the comics, and as we have seen in the preceding episode, Imra idolizes Supergirl, and she wants to help her in any way that she can. Maybe she’s just married to Mon-El to get to Supergirl. Does anyone ship Saturn Girl and Supergirl yet?

Don’t get me wrong — I love Imra. If the production team is smart enough, they will continue to develop her character so she’s less just the third leg of a love triangle and more super Saturn Girl … but if I can’t have Kara and Mon-El (or Karamel), I can get behind Kara and Imra.

Speaking of Karamel … now that I reflect upon this episode, I can see why those who ship them are upset, but don’t jump ship just yet! There’s still hope for them — there have been breadcrumbs left to suggest so, even in this episode (e.g. “precious cargo on board,” “I still care about you,” THE CREST ON HIS CHEST)! It’s an angsty ride, with a whole lot of heartache, but I believe the ending the will be heartwarming. Let’s just hope the ending isn’t near!

This episode was a real treat for fans of the comic books — aside from Brainy, we were blessed with a cameo from Streaky the Supercat, a mentioning of Blight and the planet of Winath (which basically name-dropped Lightning Lass), and, of course, the Legion Flight Rings. Bonus points for casting a black cat as Streaky (my cat’s black; therefore, my cat’s a superhero).

As with their mission entails, I don’t believe their main agenda is to defeat the otherworldly inhabitants of another planet. I believe it has something to do with Supergirl, and that they actually time traveled on purpose. With the way Mon-El is acting, it’s as if he’s afraid to alter what’s supposed to be. Does he know something we all don’t?

I’m just glad Supergirl is finally awake, and I can’t wait for her to kick more of Reign’s (Odette Annable) ass next week!

P.S. Mon-El’s suit isn’t that bad of a design. Black looks hot on him, anyway.

A few random thoughts about the episode:

  • As the final scene revealed, there are other Worldkillers out there — cue Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe). Lowe wowed me as Coville … a character I never thought I’d have any interest in at all. I’m down for him to play a bigger role in all of this.
  • Sam has grown on me, and Reign may just be Supergirl’s best foe yet. I just feel bad for Ruby (Emma Tremblay). She’s going to be put into foster care — I just know it. I can’t wait until Alex adopts her. (Watch me be right.)
  • J’onn (David Harewood) impersonating Kara this time around was the funniest I had ever seen. He may never want to do that again, but I need him to do it again, and again, and again. Humor is one of the reasons I love this series.
  • As with James (Mehcad Brooks) and Lena (Katie McGrath) — I’ve got to be honest, I’m totally into them. I admittedly was one of those people who wished anyone as a love interest for James, just so my ship can sail away into the sunset … I never expected to actually, genuinely enjoy seeing his new romance come alive. He and Lena are a good match.
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  1. It was a decent episode. Karas finally moving on that’s good. But I guess they need a new strong female charachter to drag down over a man. In comes lames. How are they a good match? Seriously, I wish somebody, anybody would give a reason besides they look good together or they have chemistry. They sacrificed iconic s2 Lena to try to keep James relevant. It’s just disgusting. It shows how much they value their male charachters over the ladies Who continuously outshine them. Lames is a total insult on so many levels.


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