‘Supergirl’ 3.11 Recap and Review: Fort Rozz


Who run the world? Girls!

The Arrowverse is characterized by its kick-ass female roster. As such, it’s perhaps not surprising that Supergirl just featured an all-female team-up episode in “Fort Rozz.” What is surprising, however, are the villains whom Supergirl had chosen to fight Reign alongside her – though, perhaps at this point, we should be rendering them antiheroes instead, for they deserve to be praised. Well, for this episode, anyway.

For refresher purposes, this week’s episode follows the DEO as they lock the location of the Kryptonian priestess whom Coville had revealed last week: Jindah Kol Rozz, who’s currently locked up in Fort Rozz (which is obviously named after her). If you remember, however, Supergirl threw Fort Rozz into outer space, caught into orbit of a blue star, which only means that: (1) without a yellow sun, Kara’s powerless; (2) blue stars are lethal to those with a y chromosome, because science.

Aside from Saturn Girl (who immediately jumps at the opportunity to accompany her idol), Supergirl recruits her longtime nemesis Livewire and Psi for a dangerous mission to Fort Rozz to recover Jindah, who likely holds the key to defeating Reign. Fast forward to close to the end of the hour: Livewire jumps in front of Supergirl to protect her from Reign’s Solar Flare! Who too was angered by her death?

In just this one episode, Supergirl had managed to develop Livewire’s character greatly in a fraction of the time it takes for similarly sized transformations of other characters. If you weren’t already attached to Livewire, she will suddenly take on a very prominent position in your life. Too bad, she’s no longer alive!

For the (too short) time we had with her on Supergirl, Livewire was among the most authentic villains in the series so far, and arguably one of the most interesting. We see her relationship with Supergirl evolve in a positive way this week, and it was refreshing to see Supergirl confiding to Livewire as a peer. “Cosplay is your ex-boyfriend? Well that’s some real Housewife drama right there!” I’m going to miss her one-liners. So much.

Saturn Girl, on the other hand, is also growing on me more and more with each passing episode. Though ill-defined, her powers compliment any other hero on Team Supergirl. Not only that, but she has an awesome heart, a quirk similar to her idol’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the world of Saturn Girl … but I can’t help thinking she’s hiding something. Psi using her psychic powers on Saturn Girl was no accident. Had she read her mind? Psi saw something … I firmly believe she saw something. What did she see? Clearly, I’m still convinced Imra’s manipulating Mon-El’s mind to believe that he is married to her … I really need to let that go.

I hope they follow up on that later. Besides, I want to see more of Psi, and I want her and Saturn Girl to work together more. With their powers combined, they could be unstoppable.

Enjoy your upgraded room, Psi … you deserved it.

Other thoughts about the episode:

  • Just because Kara and Mon-El had a friendly talk, it doesn’t mean they’re permanently just friends. In fact, because of that talk, I actually think they’re steps closer to getting back together. It’s clear their story is only beginning. I don’t believe Mon-El’s leaving for the future. I don’t know how or why yet, but he’s not going anywhere. I have the biggest hope. #karamelisnotoverparty … I’m making that hashtag a thing.
  • Now we definitely know that Sam has no control over her own mind and body when she becomes Reign. I think she can be redeemed at some point. Also, I personally love that we’re getting to know another Worldkiller next week – I’ve grown too attached to Sam for her to just eventually die.
  • I’m even more convinced now that Alex will be adopting Ruby at some point. Alex standing up to Ruby’s bully was awesome.
  • Winn outsmarting Brainiac 5 was probably the best scene of the episode.


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  1. I can’t believe they cast a DC legend like Sarah “Ursa” Douglas & then gave her a minute & a half of screen time before killing her off – insulting to the fans & to Ms. Douglas to say the least…