Has ‘Venom’ Filming Wrapped? According Tom Hardy’s Instagram It Has!


Has filming wrapped for Venom? All signs point to yes if you’ve seen Tom Hardy Instagram. As huge fans of the Spider-Man franchise – we can’t wait to see the Hardy as Eddie Brock and his titular alter ego!

Tom shared various snaps on his account, including one of himself with various crew members, which was captioned: “Wrapped SAN Fran Jam DuN. Sound Team Venom MVP crew shout out to all the crew on Antidote legends all. Outstanding work team. Thank you all. Am humbled and absolute Honour and a privilege. You killed it. Smashed that Thank you for letting me run with you (sic)”

Wrapped. Life back. Bye ?

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Another snap taken with more crew members saw the hunk dub the whole production team as “legends”.

He wrote: “team Libertique legend McGuire Legend all this team fkn legends. All Killers all magic hunters chasers 2018 (sic)”

A third and final shot of Tom in front of a mirror further confirmed that filming had wrapped, as it was captioned: “Wrapped life back Bye (sic)”

Wrapped. Life back. Bye ?

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Sony Pictures has yet to confirm whether or not the production has in fact wrapped.

Venom follows the story of the traditional Spider-Man villain, who is the first character to become the alien symbiote in the comic books.

Tom was cast as the lead role in May last year, followed by the addition of Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed and Jenny Slater.

Venom marks the first time a Spider-Man villain will be getting their own standalone movie but the character did appear in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 with the character being played by Topher Grace.

The symbiote, created by David Michelinie and artists Todd McFarlane and Mick Zeck, was first introduced in the comic books back in 1988 and is still a fan favorite villain and has appeared in other Marvel Comics including Iron Man, Deadpool and the Hulk.

Venom has been slated for an October release date.


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