‘Supergirl’ 3.13 Recap and Review: Both Sides Now

Supergirl 3.13

What. An. Episode.

What am I supposed to do with my life now that Supergirl will be on a two-month hiatus? I still have so many questions, and my feelings … what am I supposed to do with my feelings? Am I supposed to turn them off or something? How does one even do that? Just when things are getting SO GOOD.

But let’s start this review off discussing my stance on the Worldkiller project. What am I supposed to think of the Worldkillers now that I know they’re basically just pawns of a greater evil? Yes, we’ve all known that from the start, but the more I got to know Sam, the more I became distracted by her good heart and her love for her daughter, and the more I got attached to her. I know she’s supposed to be a villain and all, but it’s kind of hard to hate her, as well as Julia/Purity (Krys Marshall), when they’re so – well, human. They both have virtues that more than offset their vices – whatever crime they commit, it’s not something they want to do, and it’s not something I can blame them for either.

This week’s episode further explored how one awakens the beast within the two Worldkillers, as well as how to rid of them. They’re basically a planted virus, programmed to run a certain way and react to things systematically whether conscious or not. They’ve got a great Jekyll and Hyde thing going on; although one side has a lovable, sweet disposition, the other side tends to behave like more of a monstrous entity. I noticed the same Jekyll and Hyde trait in Supergirl and Alex, or Agent Danvers – they both used different tactics to break Julia out of Purity, Agent Danvers’ being the more hostile and brutal. Which tactic do you consider most appropriate? Okay, maybe not appropriate … how about effective?

Speaking of … Agent Danvers – no, let’s go back to calling her Alex – is clearly still mourning her split with Maggie; therefore, it’s hard to blame her for her actions. (I clearly don’t blame anyone here … except for the Dark Kryptonian.) Her emotions have been a bit all over the place since Maggie left, and poor Alex hasn’t had the chance to really take it in yet – too busy at work apparently! But Kara’s right – she’ll heal, and she’ll have a happier future if and when she allows herself to let go.

And speaking of healing, Kara is supposedly starting to move on from Mon-El, but just when we learn that he is NOT OVER HER? Of course. What timing.

Let me just say … I KNEW IT. I knew their marriage was a sham – I wasn’t sure how, but I knew. I thought it was an interesting twist, but if only the reveal wasn’t so rushed. I get it, it’s because of the break (I blame the execs at The CW for this) but still … their argument felt just a bit cued in hindsight and I wish they had more time to make it a bit more natural.

We also learned that Mon-El was indeed tricked by Imra into traveling back in time – I wish there were more signs leading up to it – though I guess there were enough since I was able to guess it … or was it because I brushed up on my comic book knowledge? Whatever. I just want to know what the mission is! Any wild guesses are welcome. At this point, I honestly can’t tell, and I’m good with not knowing anything. I can’t wait to be surprised come April.

But what I do know? Karamel is NOT over. Let’s see me sit on THAT for two months.

Geez, I’m already going insane.

Things to ponder:

  • Apart from the revelations made by Mon-El, I enjoyed his talk with J’onn. We rarely see J’onn be vulnerable with someone, so this exchange was rather satisfying to watch, and it was nice to see them interact with each other like friends. Too bad Winn couldn’t join in on the Martian moonshine.
  • I love that everyone is so dedicated in helping Sam. Maybe I was wrong about Alex being the first one to find out that she is Reign – I’m now thinking it’ll be Lena, especially since she got a glimpse of her eyes flashing red. How do you think she’ll find out? I just hope she doesn’t get harmed!
  • Where was James? WHY IS HE SO UNDERUSED? He could’ve been fighting alongside Supergirl and Co. Fix this, writers, or I demand he get his own show. With Superman, perhaps? And back in Metropolis? I’d watch it. Just give me Lois too, and Lucy … bring Lucy back!


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