Dakota Fanning Introduces ‘Eclipse’ Trailer On ‘Oprah’

Finally, the official Twilight ‘Eclipse’ trailer has been released. And who better to release it than the Volturi’s Jane herself? Today on the ‘Oprah’ show, Dakota Fanning guest-starred and was given the leadway by ‘Oprah’ herself to introduce us to the worldwide premiere, along with giving us a little insight on her views of being a part of the Twilight hype.

“I think in five years from now, to say I was a part of this phenomenon will be really great,” said the 16-year-old actress, fighting through a cold and raspy voice.

Fanning tells ‘Oprah’ that she is a fan of the books herself, having read them before being casted for the show. She goes on to say how any role would have been okay with her, as she was happy to just be a part of the ‘Twilight craze.

“I was just so honored that they wanted me to be a part of it,” Fanning said. “And the character that they asked me to play, Jane, is just such a great character to play. She’s kind of evil and the costumes are amazing and the makeup was amazing. To get to have the blood-red eyes was so cool and something I was really looking forward to.”

Be sure to tune in on May 13, as “Oprah” announced today on the show that she will showcase another “Eclipse”-focused episode, this one featuring appearances by Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner.


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