Exclusive: Danny Bellens & Nikita Black Talk ‘My Jurassic Place’

What would you do to save your dying child? Dedicate all your resources to find a cure? Plunge head-first into poverty to pay for the best specialists money can buy? Steal a dinosaur? If you’re like me, then the dinosaur option would the way to go. Who needs fancy doctors with their PhDs and debt when you can mess around with dino DNA and save your kid at the same time?

Luckily writer, director, and special effects man Danny Bellens also shares my need to take the road less traveled when it comes to medical science. His book “My Jurassic Place” follows the adventures of “paleo-geneticist Luisa and her family, Daniel and her son Max, who get in to a difficult situation with the pharmaceutical industry; and a fight against the disease of Max. After Luisa gets fired, she steals the dinosaur-DNA from her ex-employer and escapes to her homeland Austria. For her ambition and out of the love for her son she tries everything to invent a medicine, so she takes the risk and clones a dinosaur. Being occupied with making the medicine she doesn’t notice her son Max befriends the dinosaur. The beginning of a relationship full of love and danger. But the family secret leaks out and dark forces aren’t far away. The family is suddenly in danger. A story full of love, tension and action for the whole family.

“But Mike,” you’re undoubtable saying to your monitor or on my Twitter feed, “I need my giant lizard action to happen on the big screen so I can eat popped corn and hotted dogs at the same time!” Oh, don’t you worry, pal. Danny Bellens has you covered! In fact, he has already shot a live-action adaptation of his novel and it is currently being edited for a release later this year!

In fact, Danny and lead actress Nikita Black sat down with me through the magic of Skype and we had a nice long discussion about the film version of My Jurassic Place. Check it out below.

If you can’t wait for the film, I’d suggest picking up the book over at its official website. If social media is your thing ‘My Jurassic Place’ also has a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account. As the release date for the film adaptation of Bellens’s work nears release, we will hopefully be talking to him again. Until then, make FanBolt your browser’s default so you don’t miss a single piece of geek news!


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