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Geek Travel: 7 Important Things You Need In Your Carry On

Geek Travel: 7 Important Things You Need In Your Carry On


Travelling around the world often means getting on airplanes, and a lot of them if you have more than one destination in mind. One of the worst things about travelling – not that there are many! – is the packing. Packing is tedious, long and usually means spending more money than you had planned to spend because impulsive spending is easier when you’re about to head out on vacation. Whether you are off for a business trip or heading to see family, packing is a tedious inevitability, and you need to be prepared for it.

You need to be able to bring everything that you need while not breaking any airline rules, and whether you are playing to United’s carry on rules or another airline, you need to be clued up on what you can and cannot bring with you in your carry on. The last thing that you need is to be taken to one side and questioned or searched simply because you didn’t check out the things that you shouldn’t be having in your carry on for the plane. Be smart, here, because the wrong thing can really ruin your vacation! The thing is, accidents happen, airline shops are expensive and it’s very easy to lose things in a busy airport. Being prepared and planning ahead is important when it comes to your carry on. Even more so, you need to be smart. Being strategic with your carry on means that you can bring absolutely everything that you need without breaking any rules and upsetting any airlines. So, how can you be clever about your carry-on items? Check out our list below to find out.

Item #1: Collapsible Water Bottle

One of the driest places that a person could sit for a length of time is an airplane. You can only buy small bottles of water for the plane, as airlines have liquid limits for carry-on drinks. Usually this is because water and other drinks are sold on board a flight, but every savvy traveller knows that these are usually overpriced. You can be smart here, by bringing a collapsible bottle with you and filling it with tap water. The good news is that you can buy collapsible bottles with filters, so all the good water, no space taken up and it’s cheap!

Item #2: Medicines

You can put medications into your main hold luggage but you’re going to have a little bit of an issue should you need them during the flight itself. Packing your medications into your carry-on doesn’t just give you the chance to grab a painkiller if you have a headache. It means that if your luggage gets lost or stolen, you won’t have to panic about getting refills. Bringing your medication, including any prescriptions, into your carry-on luggage, will mean that you have everything to hand and save yourself some worry.

Item #3: Phone Chargers

You could have the best battery life in your mobile phone, but there’s never a guarantee it will get you through your flight and into your hotel. You have to account for delays on top of everything else, so it makes sense that you should keep your charger with you. Pop it into a plastic food bag if you’re worried about liquids spilling on it during the flight. For some, a mobile phone is a lifeline. Charging it as soon as you arrive at your destination airport is so important, so don’t give yourself the chance to lose it in your main baggage.

Item #4: Documents

There is simply no need to add your documents to the main hold luggage. Any important documents, such as tickets, visas, itineraries, passports and insurance information should be in reach in your carry-on bag. Any physical tickets for shows, trains and boat trips should also be with the documents in your carry-on. If your luggage gets lost, you’ll not only be stressed, you’ll not be able to attend the things you’ve paid for! Printing any directions and contact information and having paper copies of everything is so important, so don’t hesitate to keep it all together.

Item #5: Valuables

If you risk bringing anything valuable with you on your trip, it’s down to you to ensure that it’s safe. Luggage theft does still happen, though airlines around the world are doing all they can to crack down on it. Cameras, expensive or sentimental jewelry, a computer and all other expensive items should be kept with you wherever you are. You’d be gutted if your computer got smashed while it moves around a plane hold or in transit, but if it’s with you, you don’t have to worry about it. Always assume that if it’s worth something to you, it should be in your carry on.

Item #6: Entertainment Items

It’s lovely to watch a plane take off, but sunset and sunrise doesn’t last, and it can be very boring to stare out into the sky. Bring a tablet, book, magazine and puzzle book with you on to a flight. An e-reader is the best option for you, as it won’t weigh your bag down – and we all know how important it is to monitor the weight limits of your bags. For take off and landing, you won’t be able to use electronics, so bring magazines and books for that bit!

Item #7: Washbag

Sitting on a long flight, especially an overnight flight, can make you feel like you need to freshen up once you get off the plane. Why not bring a wash bag with the essentials, as well as a spare top and a fresh change of underwear, into your carry on? Not only can you feel a bit better before you leave the airport, you can avoid rummaging through your bags once you land. Make sure that the clothes you have are location appropriate, as well.

Taking a flight can be complicated with all the rules out there. Don’t let yourself get caught out with the wrong thing – delays are no fun when you have to travel!


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