‘The Resident’ 1.5 Recap and Review: None the Wiser

The Resident

After a three-week hiatus, The Resident has returned, and it’s bolder than anything we’ve seen previously.

This week’s episode was probably one of the best, if not THE best, episode so far in the series. Medical drama television programs can often feel contrived, but The Resident excels in its fresh and balanced storytelling, and this episode was no exception – it had depth and substance, and all of the scenes felt warranted and made sense, making for a rich and dynamic television experience. It was a well-balanced hour full of intrigue and twists – not least that final shot of Conrad and his FATHER. Shudder.

But I’m getting ahead of my thoughts.

At the start of the hour, I was under the impression that three patients had died under Mina’s care. It was a relief to see all alive – though, unfortunately, their outcomes were not all so positive. I felt especially sorry for the patient whose wrong testicle got removed in a surgical operation rather than the diagnosed one. Now he can’t have kids, and that’s rough.

Mina’d had a stressful shift; though inexcusable, it was a natural error … one that could’ve been avoided if Dr. Bell hadn’t insisted that Bradley perform one of the surgeries after just getting off a 30-HOUR shift … but still.

Speaking of Dr. Bell, the episode continued to explore the repercussions of his chronic condition – in which he is still keeping under lock and key – all the while throwing his team under the bus, pointing his finger and laying the blame on them. This time, the blame went to Mina, who, now that I think about it, is consistently victimized by his selfishness. I feel horrible for Mina, for she will never get the credit that is due her … so long as Dr. Bell’s medical license is still active.

A good leader, superior, whatever you want to call it, would never do anything to jeopardize the career and morale of those under his immediate charge … but he did, and continues to do so, so long as he doesn’t look bad in front of the public eye. Yes, everything that went down in the operating rooms was Mina’s fault, but that’s not to say that Dr. Bell’s treatment toward Mina was acceptable. He’s still self-absorbed and volatile and he doesn’t deserve reprieve.

In addition to Dr. Bell, Lane is now another character whom I can’t stand. I wanted to trust her, but after threatening Nic the way she did, oh … she lost the benefit of my doubt. If only Conrad could see it, too. Nic supports Conrad unconditionally – why can’t he do the same for her?

Nevertheless, he’s not ready to recommit himself to her – he’s clearly emotionally fragile, and the scene where Nic asks him intimate details about his life spoke volumes that he’s incapable of emotional attachment. Maybe it has something to do with his father, the man who wasn’t the least impressed with Dr. Bell earlier in the episode – I did NOT see that coming! Did you?

Now, Nic and Conrad’s brewing love triangle with Jude will have to wait. It’s no wonder the two men were at each other’s throats! I’m of course here for the angst™ … game on, indeed.

Other thoughts:

  • Mina running back and forth from one operating room to another was intense to say the least. I was stressed FOR her!
  • I’m glad that Trevor didn’t lose his mother. I was totally invested in that kid – he was so wise beyond his years!
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