How to Argue That Gaming Is Not a Waste of Time?

If you are a dedicated gamer you have noticed at least once that your friends or family have pointed out that gaming is a waste of time. This is what always happens no matter how tolerant your friends or family are if they do not share your gaming enthusiasm. So it is the question you always need to be able to answer on to avoid future argues.

The first thing you can tell someone who thinks that gaming is a waste of time is that you can earn on it. Telling someone that you can gain cash just playing the game is a wonderful idea which disarms an opponent. If you did not know about it, it should be mentioned that as you gain skins while playing, you can always sell those on the skins marketplace for a fair price. Such a kind of activity would allow you to raise some cash which is a good idea as you can at least cover the Internet connection fee you are charged monthly. However, you rarely can raise a significant sum which will be enough for a living if you just sell the items you got lucky to earn during the game. So there are other arguments you can use.

Gaming Improves Your Skills

There are many different games you can play, and all of those demand specified skills and efforts to develop those. So you cannot say that you just waste your time when you play games as you get much from gaming process, and some skills you acquire can be in a good use in a real life.

Gaming Improves Your Tactical Thinking

Most of the games like DOTA 2 or CS:GO demand tactical thinking skills to win. Here you always are opposed and membered in a team to other players, thus you need both to communicate and develop the tactics that allow you to win. What does that mean?

You constantly need to find the best ways to accomplish small goals that allow you to win as a result. Doesn’t that remind you the chess? You still need to consider your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and you still need to consider the gaming mechanics.

Gaming Can Become a Profession

If you have heard news about cybersport tournaments you have likely heard as well that there are millions of dollars won by the cybersport team members. There are many tournaments which take place – big and small all over the world. Companies make the contract with these teams and pay huge money to make team members wear, use or promote their products. Cybersport games are up to become industries like the classic sports – football, basketball etc.

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