Theatrical Releases for April 30th, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street (R), Horror – A group of suburban teenagers share one common bond: they are all being stalked by Freddy Krueger, a horribly disfigured killer who hunts them in their dreams. As long as they stay awake, they can protect one another, but when they sleep there is no escape. Stars Jackie Earle Haley, Kyle Gallner and Thomas Dekker.

Furry Vengeance (PG), Comedy – An ambitious young real estate developer faces off with a band of angry animals when his new housing subdivision pushes too far into a pristine part of the wilderness. Stars Brendan Fraser, Skyler Samuels and Brooke Shields.

Harry Brown (R), Drama – A man dispenses vigilante justice in a crime-infested neighborhood after his best friend is killed. Stars Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer and Iain Glen.

Mercy (NR), Romance – A young novelist tries to write about love but realizes he will first need some real-life experience before taking on the subject. Stars Scott Caan, Dylan McDermott and James Caan.

Phish 3D (NR), Concert – 3D concert footage from Phish’s Festival 8.

Please Give (R), Drama, Comedy – A couple and their teenage daughter purchase the apartment next door in order to expand their two bedroom Manhattan apartment. Their only problem is the old cranky lady living in it and that they’ve got to wait for her to die. Simply waiting for her to die becomes complicated when the two families’ lives intersect, resulting in a dramatic comedy about love, death, and liberal guilt. Stars Catherine Keener, Amanda Peet and Oliver Platt.

The Good Heart (R), Drama – The curmudgeonly owner of a gritty New York dive bar that serves as home to a motley assortment of professional drinkers is determinedly drinking and smoking himself to death when he meets a homeless young man who has already given up on life. In the hopes of keeping his legacy alive, he deems the homeless man is a fitting heir and takes him under his wing, schooling him in the male-centric laws of his alcoholic clubhouse: no new customers, no fraternizing with customers and, absolutely no women. Lucas is a quick study, but their friendship is put to the test when a distraught and beautiful woman shows up at the bar seeking shelter. Stars Brian Cox, Paul Dano and Stephanie Szostak.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (NR), Horror – Two American girls are on a road trip in Germany when they end up alone at night when their car breaks down in the woods. They search for help and find an isolated villa. The next day they awake to find themselves trapped in a makeshift basement hospital along with a Japanese man. An older German man identifies himself as a retired surgeon specialized in separating Siamese twins. However, his three “patients” are not about to be separated, but joined together in a horrific operation.


  1. For some reason, none of these really excite me that much… looks like there’s no movies for me this weekend!

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