‘Shadowhunters’ 3.01 Recap and Review: On Infernal Ground

Shadowhunters 301

Freeform has gone to the dark side and I’m loving it. LOVING it!

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this show to come back, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Where to begin though? Should we start with the new opening sequence? Because damn. I suppose the best place to start is the beginning!

Now that Valentine is gone, we need a new big evil to face and that’s certainly what we were given. Lilith is the epitome of darkness and she certainly lives up to her name. One episode in, and she’s already wrecking everything and wreaking havoc everywhere she goes. Is it too late to ask for Valentine back? We’ll gladly take him over this unknown!

On the plus side of the hiatus, (if there ever is one) we know exactly what Clary has been doing. The answer is practicing her badass fighting skills! Clary was becoming a better fighter before, but what she did in this episode was some next level ass-kicking! I know I’m here for it! Her new chosen weapons are pretty badass too. Not to mention the fact that one blade was her mother’s and the other her father’s. That was such an amazing moment! I can’t wait to see all the new skills Clary will continue learning this season!

Then there is Jace, who has clearly spent all of his time adding layers of guilt to his inner psyche. Coming back from the dead can’t be easy, but I have a feeling it’s even more difficult for a Shadowhunter who was resurrected by his kind of girlfriend by way of a wish from an angel. A wish that has to be kept a secret from everyone, adding to Jace’s guilt factor I’m sure. The guy just can’t catch a break! Our brains are still feeling a little like mush from the Jonathan factor.

Speaking of Jonathan, I thought we had seen the last of him. I’ve never been so disappointed of being wrong before. I’m still a bit unsure of whether or not Jace is hallucinating as a result of his resurrection, or if Jonathan’s ghost is really around. I mean, we deal with demons, seelies, vampires, and all kinds of other strange things on this show. Would it really be a reach for me to say Jonathan’s ghost could still be hanging around? If this is the case, then how the hell will he be beaten? I’ve changed my mind. I want him to just be Jace’s hallucination.

At least I have the wonderful relationship between Alec and Magnus to fall back on when things get tough. Everything about them is pure magic and no matter how many minutes they get on screen, it’s just never enough for me. I always want more! Even though Alec and Magnus have had some hard times, they always work thier issues out in relatively healthy ways. I mean, Magnus not revealing how hurt he really was about no longer being High Warlock hurt us as well. But at least he and Alec spoke about their true feelings in the end. As they always seem to be able to do!

A few questions I have:

  • What is with the Seelie Queen’s obsession with Simon? I mean, sure he’s in pretty rare form as a Daywalker, but the Queen seems to be after something else. Pondering what it is the Seelie Queen is really after has me racking my brain and still coming up with nothing.
  • I don’t even know where to begin with Ollie. Is she going to prove as an asset this season, or just a pain in Luke’s ass? Right now, she seems to be leaning more towards the side of pain, but I kind of like her there. Luke needs someone to keep him on his toes, and Clary seems pretty capable of taking care of herself at this point.
  • I know it’s the first episode of the season and all, but is Isabelle going to get her own storyline this season? What I really want to see is she and Simon work their way toward each other. Yes, I know that this is a television show and is only based on the books, so everything may not be the same. But, come on! We want some Simon and Isabelle. I love Maia, don’t get me wrong, but I’m team Sizzie!
  • The softer, more sensitive side of Jace is coming out and I am loving every second of it. Well, every second of it that goes uninterrupted by the hallucination/possible ghost of Jonathan. Or is it being caused by Lilith? Now I’m confused. Excuse me while I go think about this until next week!