‘Shadowhunters’ 3.03 Recap and Review: What Lies Beneath


Things have moved to the dark side, including Jace apparently. Plus Alec and Magnus ended up at dinner with Maryse. This could mean trouble.

Demon possessions are running rampant and I am so not a fan. Lilith is definitely the worst big bad I have seen in this show. I know Valentine was bad, but Lilith has taken evil to the next level. It’s one I’m not so sure the gang is going to be able to get rid of Lilith easily.

While I don’t usually enjoy when Maryse comes for a visit, this one seemed slightly tolerable. Of course, it was because she was preparing to lose her runes. Does having this happen force Shadowhunters to have a sort of epiphany? Because it was like a completely new Maryse. One that I actually kind of liked. I know, I can’t believe I’m saying it either. But she hugged Magnus. Was actually nice to him! Talk about a mind bender!

Speaking of Magnus, I just can’t get enough of him and Alec. The two of them are truly pure perfection. Thank you Izzy for providing the idea of a nice dinner with Alec and Magnus. I couldn’t have asked for a better domestic moment than that scene. Plus, that isn’t the only one I got in this episode. So I am definitely a happy viewer!

On a sadder note, I actually felt feelings for Raphael. I have been trying my hardest to avoid shipping Raphael and Izzy. Mostly because I just can’t wait for her to get with Simon. But the amount of emotion these two showed for one another after Raphael’s sister died? I almost had tears in my eyes and was even closer to falling off the edge and shipping these two. How dare you Freeform? At least Raphael got to spend a little time with his sister before she died. Even if she didn’t know who he really was.

I’m going to continue holding out hope for Jace and say that this entire Owl situation is all a lie. I don’t care what kind of consequences there are to coming back from the dead. Jace wouldn’t cross that line and become LIlith’s little minion. He would kill himself first. There is some kind of illusion or trick happening here to make it seem like Jace. My bets are on Jonathan. If it isn’t him directly, he is absolutely involved.

So, the Seelie Queen gives Simon a mark that basically makes him invincible. Then she forbids him from coming back to her court? What gives here, lady? I mean, I know how much you love to play games, but the endgame here couldn’t be more mysterious. If this was a ploy to get Simon to come back to you, you didn’t reap the benefits of the success very well. Get yourself together because you’re making my head spin!

Some other points:

  • Why is the end goal of killing Clary so important? If this is Jace, I just can’t believe that he would allow himself to be forced to do it. If it’s Jonathan, move on man! If it’s Lilith, then Clary must be a pretty big threat to her and this could be a good thing.
  • What’s going to happen between Maryse and her children after she is stripped of her runes? Will she even be allowed to see them anymore? Where the hell is Robert in all of this? I’m pretty sure he should be here standing by his wife’s side while she goes through something that is clearly pretty traumatizing.
  • What is going on with that weird hospital guy that Izzy was flirting so intently with? I have never seen a character in this show that reappears more than once without a reason. So there is definitely more to the story here. The only question comes in the form of whether or not he is going to be on the good side, or is involved with Lilith and her plans somehow.


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  1. Maryse getting stripped of her Runes this late in the game seems excessive. Robert getting a slap on the wrist by getting sent to LA institute was insulting. Where was Max? Is he going with his father or mother? Why was there no mention of him?
    I like that Jace is the Owl…it makes sense because Lilith is making him do horrible things that goes against who he is. She hates him for his role in Jonathan’s death and what better way to seek some revenge is to make him hurt innocent people. It’s actually pretty cool and dark. I believe Lilith wants to kill Clary because of Jonathan’s bond with her. His need for acceptance (Valentine’s and Clary’s) is his weakness.
    I like Dr. Charlie, he’s charming and he’s into Izzy. It won’t go anywhere but she needs some fun and a juicy storyline that is worthy of her character.
    Magnus/Alec are cute and I love the progression of their relationship but I needs some drama. Okay their domesticated but lets get them back into the Shadow world please!