‘Supergirl’ 3.14 Recap and Review: Schott Through the Heart


Can I just say: FINALLY.

After a grueling, nine-week hiatus, Supergirl is back – and how did they return? In super style, of course!

The opening and closing scenes were perfect bookends, with Kara and Co. singing KARAoke (heh heh, get it?). They’re such a musical bunch irl – I bet they just had to incorporate a subplot where they sing. Serious question though: did the cast write this episode or something? Either way, someone just needs to pay up to Chris.

No matter, it was entertaining af.

Speaking of Chris, can Karamel be any louder? You can try to convince me that Kara and Mon-El aren’t endgame, but I probably won’t believe you. Their scenes to me screamed endgame – if I was ever in doubt about Karamel, well, I just got served some tea.

I love that the love triangle between Kara, Mon-El, and Imra isn’t so in-my-face, and that they’re focused on developing a professional partnership between the two instead. They’re finally equals – cloth magic, he calls it – and what we’re witnessing is actually the beginning of The Amazing Adventures of Supergirl and Valor. That needs to be a book in and of itself, doesn’t it?

But even though the love triangle isn’t centric to their story, it’s not dead and gone forever. One thing I’m probably certain of is that Kara will never be the other woman – I’m sure some of you are worried about that. They could never do her THAT dirty. The show is about Kara, after all. Her name is in the title.

Moving on!

So rather than dealing with Reign this week, “Schott Through the Heart” ended up being about Winn – well, who else would it be about? Winn is one who has been underutilized this season, and here was the perfect way to utilize Jeremy Jordan’s talent and time. If you didn’t know it before, Jeremy is an amazing actor. He is versatile, transformative, compelling… he envelopes his character perfectly.

And what about Laurie Metcalf, playing his mother? She’s just as hilarious as he is! Like mother, like son, for sure. Also, someone give her a job at the D.E.O. PLEASE. And James too. He has more potential than just Lena Luthor’s maybe-boyfriend, even if they’re cute together. Besides, he’s more interesting when he’s with Winn. More of that please.

Beneath a wicked witch and flying monkeys (I swear that was Goldar from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) lies a story of a mother and her son and how they patched things up after almost a lifetime of estrangement. I thought it was an entertaining tale overall – the final unveiling of the villain was a bit hard to swallow, though.

But what was even harder to swallow was that M’yrnn is suffering from some sort of early onset dementia. Now THAT is playing dirty. Why do the characters we fall in love with suffer the most? But even with that sad reveal, I enjoyed the episode focusing on the father-daughter relationship between J’onn and Alex, and that M’yrnn wanted in their family. I need more of that.

Some other thoughts about the episode:

  • It appears as if Lena has Sam confined to a hospital bed. Clearly, Lena is running tests on Sam. Do you think she’ll figure out how to rid of the Worldkiller virus? I really hope so, I really like Sam.
  • So the Legion’s true mission IS Kara. I was so right. So that means that Mon-El gets to rescue Supergirl this time! This definitely takes us full circle, right? Sometimes, a hero needs saving too. I’m waiting for the day when it’s Supergirl’s turn to say, “You came after me,” and Mon-El’s to respond with, “Every time.” Because that would be amazing, right? Full circle indeed.

Are you glad that Supergirl is back? Here’s to 10 straight weeks of adventures in National City! Check back every week for my take on the upcoming episodes here at FanBolt!


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