‘Shadowhunters’ 3.05 Recap and Review: Stronger Than Heaven

This episode gave us a bit of backstory on Lilith and why she chose Jace. The answer only served to make things even creepier!

At least I now have solid proof that Jace isn’t crazy. Lilith is the one that has been planting the visions of Jonathan in his head. Phew! That’s a relief at least. But the reason behind it does have a silver lining. Lilith wanting to sever the bond between Jace and Clary because she is the only one who can pull him out of it certainly did bring a smile to my face. No one can break the bond Jace and Clary have. Cue the swooning and heart melting!

On another creepy front, what is going on with Simon?! His new werewolf roommate has me confused. What side is Kyle even on? When Kyle speaks with Luke, one would think that puts him on the good side. But there is just something so sketchy about Kyle! Besides the fact that he started off by lying to Simon, I mean. Keeping Simon away from everyone is a crappy move. I don’t care if they are just trying to keep everyone safe. I’m going to sit over here on the fence about Kyle for a while. At least until I feel like his true intentions have indeed come out.

My Magnus heart! I know that Magnus is a warlock and this means that he will live longer than Alec. But this show makes it so easy to forget that. So the moments like those in this episode that bring that fact to startling clarity break my heart! I completely understand where Alec is coming from on this one. A box of all your old loves that have died? Pretty high on the uncomfortable meter. But I also got where Magnus was coming from. I mean, it’s not like he chooses to live forever while those he loves age and die. It’s just the way of the world. Rationally, I know this. But the heart isn’t rational and I just want them to be happy together forever!

Every time I think Clary has reached full bad ass potential, she proves me wrong. People should really start keeping an eye on her! They could all learn something. I was super nervous when she summoned that angel, but I should have known that Clary would be able to do it without a problem. Even though she didn’t get the answer straight from the angel’s mouth, Lilith coming in and killing her made it pretty obvious. But Lilith taking a piece of Clary’s soul really has me scared.

Speaking of being scared, Lilith has made the ultimate power move. Putting an anti-love potion in Jace’s drink had me wanting to pull my hair out. I want to say that I have the utmost confidence in the love between Jace and Clary, but Lilith clearly knows what she’s doing. Come on, Jace! Didn’t anyone ever teach you to never look away from your drink?!

A few lingering questions:

  • What can Lilith do with a piece of Clary’s soul? Since she already gave Jace the anti-love potion, she can’t want to use it to drive a bigger wedge between Jace and Clary. Can she? Or maybe she needs it for the Jonathan ritual? I don’t know, but this is one mystery I need solved!
  • What does Izzy’s friend want? I still don’t trust that doctor, and each week that feeling intensifies. There is a part of me that just feels so sure he has something to do with Lilith. If he does, this doesn’t bode well for Izzy. Lilith is clearly skilled at getting what she wants!
  • If Clary is the only one who can pull Jace out of Lilith’s control, shouldn’t she be able to overcome an anti-love potion? I mean, she will have to discover that’s what Jace has been given first, but still. Their love is endgame and nothing stops Clary. Yes, this is the mantra I’m repeating to myself until I believe it!


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