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When Ernest Cline’s novel, Ready Player One, was released back in 2011 Warner Brothers had already bought the rights to adapt it even before knowing if the book itself would sell. It did well, thankfully, and picked up an Alex Award from the Young Adult Library Services Association division and the 2012 Promteheus Award. Why did it take so long to make? Turns out there was so many references that would need signing off on from multiple companies that the studio either had to change it to one of their own properties or nix it from the film all together. Things got a bit easier however when Speilberg signed on to direct and started to help procure some of the rights himself. But even for Speilberg, it still took years; That’s how many pop culture references are in this book… and in this movie. It’s a lot

The story, set in dystopian 2040’s, follows protagonist Wade Watts(named so because his father thought it sounded like a super hero) as he searches for an Easter egg in a worldwide virtual reality game called the OASIS. He who finds the egg will inherit the game creator, James Halliday’s fortune AND rule over the OASIS his or her self. Wade and a band of egg hunters, Gunters, must race to find the egg before the “evil” corporation known as IOI finds it first. Will Wade find the egg first? Will IOI beat him to it? Or more importantly, will he ever unplug from the OASIS and learn to cohabitant with actual humanity in the flesh?

So here we are. ‘Read Player One’ has finally made it to the big screen and the ADULTish gang got together to discuss it. This episode we had our first special guest outside of co owner Mike Zapzic of A Shared Universe Podcast Studio  Ruby Rinekso. On one side you had David, Brendan and Ruby who had not read the book beforehand and the other you had Mike and Bevin who did read the book. They read the book, they loved the book and the movie…changed over HALF of the book. What did we think? Listen  and find out!

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