‘Supergirl’ 3.15 Recap and Review: In Search of Lost Time

Okay, can I just say that this episode was SO GOOD? Well … for the most part.

Let’s start this review off with an admission: As of Monday evening, I’ve jumped the Guardiancorp ship. It’s not that I don’t support it. I mean, I shipped it. But on Monday, I realized how forced James and Lena actually are. Yes, they’re cute together, but I’ve said this all season long: They really need to find a better place for James’ character, or just rid of him completely. He’s painfully irrelevant, and he deserves better than this.

I’d miss him if he was gone. Of course, I would. But he doesn’t deserve back-burner status. I’d rather he just be gone.

Why can’t they just focus on developing the Guardian storyline? He could be an interesting hero if they just put him to better use, don’t you agree? Besides, I miss when he and Winn are packaged together. He’s at his best when he’s with Winn.

But I digress, at least he and Lena had cute scenes together.

So, one more negative before the positives: Isn’t it ironic how Lena is the only one who knows who Reign is, and is the only one who doesn’t know who Supergirl is? I mean, think about it. Reign wears a MASK to conceal her identity, which is more effective than a pair of SEE-THROUGH EYEGLASSES — and yet, Lena had figured out that Sam is Reign in half of one season, and she still can’t seem to recognize that Kara is Supergirl under the glasses.

Again, I digress … I’m just glad that someone finally knows who Reign is, and that someone is trying to cure her. Sam broke my heart this week, even more so than other weeks — especially as she was speaking to Ruby. She just wants to be cured so bad so that she can go home to her! If that’s not heartbreaking, then what is? Really.

Okay! Now, for the positives!

First things first, the subplot with J’onn and his father, M’yrnn … boy, did that break my heart. While their situation isn’t ideal, this is a powerful story. It is sobering to watch, because the premise is believable and relatable. The gravity of the situation was evident in the acting and the emotion was powerfully displayed. It actually hits me personally … reminds me of my grandfather. Regardless, so well done, guys.

Another interesting aspect to this week’s episode is how M’yrnn’s anger spread to those within the DEO, as if it were an airborne pathogen. Kara had caught the quote-unquote “pathogen” herself, unable to control her anger toward Mon-El as they trained together … which, by the way, was pure gold from start to finish!

“Think it’s time we make you a Legionnaire” — I geeked out at that line!

“You ready?” “I was born ready” — the parallels!

“Suit up” — Oh, Winn. I love you.

Anyway, I’m glad that Kara finally let her feelings out about Mon-El to his face, and I’m also glad he owned up to his mistakes and sought Kara’s forgiveness. But the best part of all of that was, despite everything that they have going for them, lately, they still find a way to forgive and not lose their friendship — a real sign of maturity (on both ends).

As I’ve been saying: Karamel is NOT over, especially after what went on on Monday. They’re actually starting over, and they’re better and stronger than ever before. They’re no longer Karamel, but Supervalor – I’m just impatiently waiting for someone to call him that.

Oh! And one more thing: THEY FINALLY FLEW TOGETHER, AND SUPERHEROED TOGETHER! (And yes, I’m yelling with the all caps.)

I know that I geeked out a lot in this article, and I apologize. But didn’t you, too?

Below, a few more thoughts on the episode:

  • The opening scenes are always awesome — Kara unbuttoning carefully unbuttoning her blouse mid-Supergirl transformation because she simply liked it was simply comedic gold and personally one of the favorite scenes to date.
  • So Pestilence has arrived … how freaky is dead birds falling out of the sky? What do you think will happen next in the story? Do you think the Worldkillers can all be saved? Sound off your thoughts in the comments!


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