ABC Announces Fall TV Schedule – Ugly Betty Moves and a Ton of New Shows Premiere

ABC announced their plan for the 2009-2010 TV season, and it includes moving Ugly Betty to a new night, some sci-fi, and a handful of new comedies.

The ultimate night of television – Thursday – will remain strong with Grey’s Anatomy followed by its spin-off Private Practice.

Monday and Sunday nights will remain the same.

Tuesday night will include Mark Burnett’s new reality series Shark Tank, Dancing With the Stars, Scrubs, and Better Off Ted. And you thought Scrubs was gone! Not yet! But at this time only Zach Braff is scheduled to return (for at least 6 episodes that is). Word on the street is we might be moving to a different hospital as well and saying goodbye to Sacred Heart Hospital.

Wednesday night will be the comedy night for the network with four new sitcoms airing including Hank (starring Kelsey Grammer), The Middle (starring Patricia Heaton), Modern Family, and Cougar Town (starring Courteney Cox Arquette).

Ugly Betty moves to Friday to join Supernanny, and 20/20.

Mid-season will include V (a retelling of the cult alien miniseries), Happy Town (murder mystery), Lost (the final season), and Deep End (a legal drama).

Not making the cut are Samantha Who, Cupid, and The Unusuals.

Article By: Emma Loggins


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