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“How small does the first Avengers feel now?” asks Michael Dolce. “Remember when the first Avengers felt big?” Yea, we remember. Rest in peace Avengers. You’ve been dethroned; Thanos has come and he demands you watch him.

This week on the ADULTish podcast we finally get to talk about ALL the feels we have and we have a lot. In the studio this time is Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic of AMC’s Comic Book Men, Brendan Sokler and Bevin from the ADULTish webseries and special first time guest Michael Dolce of the podcast ‘Secrets of the Sire’ and the new comic book ‘The Mainstream’. This is probably the first podcast episode where there really was no debate; Everyone loved it. Thanos was brilliantly terrifying yet sympathetic at the same time. The stars brought their A game and Marvel killed people (spoiler). Who did they kill? Well, if you haven’t seen it by now I warn you now; TURN BACK! FLEE! FLY YOU FOOLS!

Infinity War is for once a film that deserves to shock and surprise you. Marvel fans have been waiting and they are justly rewarded. Social media has even been kind. The hashtag #thanosdemandsyoursilence is everywhere. The masses won’t spoil this for you unless you go looking; don’t. Do not deny yourself the privilege of experiencing it for yourselves. It’s glorious.

If you have seen it, sit back and relax as we break down the history of Thanos, the deaths that hurt, the match ups that were great and what we think is up next for Avengers 4 which we sorely have to wait a whole year for. But hey, at least we got Deadpool coming out in two weeks? #silverlining

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